Nitrogen Generation Department

Liquid nitrogen generation unit in terms of importance and also the needs of most manufacturing units to gas or liquid nitrogen, is considered as bottleneck in pharmaceutical company. In the other hand, production and storing and saving it, can have a significant impact on reducing the cost of finished products and reduce costs and increase productivity. Liquid nitrogen unit has two production lines that each of them can produce about 12.5 tone of liquid nitrogen daily. The purity of produced liquid nitrogen is 99.999%.
This production system including a compressor and a booster for producing and increasing Air pressure and also two dryer and distillation column.
The nitrogen in the form of Liquid and gas, is used for material transferring and reactors cooling and also dehumidifying in production processes.
 About 59% of the total power consumption of pharmaceutical company is used in this unit. Its production process is highly sensitive and the slightest mistake and negligence in the manufacturing process caused to reduce the amount of production, reduce the nitrogen purity and finally is followed by distillation towers frost.