Daana Pharmaceutical Company, as one of the biggest and most advanced pharmaceutical complexes in the region, has been established in 1998 on the Hillside of mount Sahand and in the beautiful city of Tabriz.

Manufacturing activities of the company are Divided into two main parts; Antibiotics active ingredients (API) and finished dosage forms of pharmaceutical and food-supplement products.

APIs production facilities benefits from the highest production capacities of oral ß-lactam antibiotics API as well as being the sole producer of injectable antibiotics API in the region.

Products of this facilitiy include oral and injectable penicillins and cephalosporins, produced in five independent modern units.

With 16 advanced production lines for finished dosage products, Daana Pharma. is one of the biggest pharmaceutical Manufacturer of the dosage type of Injectable Vials, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Tablets, Capsules, Oral Suspensions and Sachets in the country. The high quality of the products has gained a unique share of pharmaceutical market which has been increasing remarkably during the recent years., All processes, In this Company, are coincident with cGMP and WHO criteria and to achieve best quality, all production steps and processes, are monitored under quality assurance facility supervision and controls at all times.

Research and Development facilities, are responsible for study, extensive research, experiments and formulations of new drugs and trying to collaborate with the most prestigious schools of medicine and pharmaceutical companies, to continuously improve the quality of products.

Respecting the rights and interest of stakeholders, Commitment to the principles of sustainable development, convergence with nature, Commitment to maintaining the health and vitality of human capital, efficient and expert, applying progressive achievements in new technologies are at the center of attention in this company. All of these factors lead to success in a row in the export of raw materials and manufacturing drugs in developing countries and countries in the region and has received various international standards.

In this context, Dana has in recent years won the highest national award category of food, medicine and hygiene Iran, received a golden statue of consumer rights and the best entrepreneurs in the country.

Daana pharmaceutical Company outlook : Coryphaeus of pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) Industries in the region.

Dana pharmaceutical company mission : Dana pharmaceutical company with the launch and development of pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) in accordance with the expectations of the medical community and pharmaceutical, to improve public health and quality of life, is active in domestic and foreign markets.

Daana pharmaceutical company values : Knowledge, Innovation and learning to respect the rights of customers and other stakeholders, joy, motivation, participation and commitment to the environmental health of employees.