Research and Development (R&D)

As regards that at daana pharmaceutical company, producing active ingredients and pharmaceutical products is done simultaneously, R&D department is divided into two independent units under the CEO supervision.
Research and development of active ingredients department, performs his duties in four professional parts:
1.    Chemistry processing department: This department is responsible for process optimization, evaluation of raw materials that are used in production processes.  Experienced colleagues of this department that have expertise in organic chemistry and applied chemistry, support the production lines.
2.    Product development department: Selection of new products, synthesis of new organic compounds, synthesis of impurities and providing scientific services to the chemistry section are the most important tasks of this department.   All of expert personnel in this department have Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry.
3.    Process engineering department:  It utilizes of chemical engineering expert and is responsible for process scale-up and technology transfer that obtained in the two previous departments to industrial scale.  Supporting of solvent recovery department and biological treatment are duties of this department.
4.    Department of analysis of researched products: analysis of researched products, development of new methods of analysis or development of analysis method for new products.and offer to quality control laboratories are duties of this department.