Gelax® 1000
Castro Oil Soft Gelatin Capsules 1000 mg

The castor oil, is active ingredient of gelax 1000mg soft capsule. Medicinal properties of this oil has long been known and it is used as topical and oral.  The main component of castor oil chemical structure is ricin oleic acid which is due to their specific chemical structure and the non-polar molecule, has unique properties compared to other biological fatty acids. Castor oil is used in oral form as a laxative to treat and control constipation and also to prepare the colon and rectum for radiographic studies and preparation before surgery. 
Before taking this product in the following cases consult your doctor or pharmacist:
In case of hypersensitivity to castor oil or products derived from it, gelatin, protective materials, colors and any food or drug.
In the case of co-current consumption with other medicinal products.
If you have abdominal pain, bowel obstruction, nausea, vomiting or symptoms of appendicitis.
In case of pregnancy with severe bleeding during menstruation.
Note the following during the consumption of this product:
Take the products at regular intervals and complete the course of treatment.
Do not use gelax capsule over the amount and time that recommended by your physician or pharmacist.
Drinking at least 6-4 glasses of water a day is essential to help soften the stool and prevent dehydration of the patient.
If you forget a dose of medication, use it as soon as you remember. But if it's almost time to take the next turn, use recommended dose and do not duplicate it.
These products should be used with caution during menstruation.
Use of Laxative products, should only be prescribed in children less than 6 years.

Use in pregnancy and lactation
Castor oil during pregnancy is contraindicated due to congestion in the pelvic area and uterus may cause irritant reactions.
Consumption of this product in breast-feeding is permitted at the discretion of the treating physician.

Drug and Dosage:
The usual dosage of this product for adults is as follows:
As laxative: 1-3 capsules daily
As a laxative: 2-3 capsules, two to three times during the day.
In cases of severe constipation it must be taken for at least 10 capsules. Because of use the large number of capsules in these cases, it is recommended that these products be used orally bulk form.
Side Effects:
Possible side effects of the oral administration of large amounts of these products include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, belching, nausea, skin irritation and rash is around the anal area. Rare side effects if consumed in large quantities and long-lasting products, is electrolyte disorders (confusion, irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps, weakness or unusual fatigue).
In the event of any of the above symptoms, stop consumption of this product and consult with your doctor.
If you take more than the prescribed dose of drug and observed signs of toxicity, treatment must be stopped and the patient must be transferred to medical centers.

keep drug at temperature below 25 ° C.
keep the product away from light and moisture and store in it’s original packaging.
keep away from children reach.
Do not use expired capsules.
Dosage Forms:
Gelax 1000mg soft capsules released at 50 numerical boxes.