Acetagel 325 mg


Acetaminophen 325 and 500 mg

Active ingredient of acetagel® soft capsule is acetaminophen that is a para-aminophenol derivative with of anti- pain and anti- fever known effects. Acetaminophen has weak anti-inflammatory effect. This drug applies it’s analgesic effects with an increasing in pain threshold and it’s antipyretic effect with impacting on the body’s temperature control center in the hypothalamus.
•    Mild to moderate pain such as headache, muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, common cold, toothache, menstrual pain.
•    Severe pain along with other drugs such as opioids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID).
•    Decreasing fever
•    Pain relief in patients who may not prescribe other pain medications for them such as patients with peptic ulcers, asthma, and known hypersensitivity to salicylates and also in children with Rey’s syndrome that because of the risk of salicylate use is contraindicated in them.
Before taking this drug, consult with your doctor or pharmacist in the following cases
•    In the case of sensitivity to acetaminophen or other drugs or foods, protecting materials, colors, gelatin and etc.
•    Kidney disease and liver disease.
•    In the case of taking other products containing acetaminophen, such as cold tablets.
•    In the case of drinking alcohol.
•    In the case of pregnancy and lactation.
•    In the case of taking drugs such as metoclopramide, probenecid, cholestyramine, chloramphenicol, warfarin, lamotrigine, interferons, zidovudine.
Note the following case when taking this drug
•    Meal drug at regular intervals and complete treatment course
•    Do not use more than dose and time that prescribed by doctor.
•    Take drug with meal and a glass of water.
•    If you forget a dose of medicine, take it as soon as you remember, but if is  almost time to take the next turn, take prescribed dose and do not duplicate it.
Pregnancy and lactation
•    Using this drug in pregnancy and lactation, is allowed with doctor’s priscription.   
During the course of treatment with this medicine if you notice any of the following side effects of drug, stop medication and talk with your doctor:
•    In case of any new symptoms.
•    In the case of redness or swelling of the extremities.
•    Exacerbated or unrelieved pain in ten days.
•    Exacerbation or persistence of fever for more than three days.
Drug and Dosage
The doctor determines the dosage of any medicine, but the routine use of this drug is as follows:
•    Adults: 500 or 1000 mg per 6 hour and maximum 8 capsules per 24 hours.
•    Children over 12 years: 325 mg 3 time daily and maximum 5 capsules per 24 hours.
•    Children below 12 years: this drug is not used and should use other forms of acetaminophen.
Side effects
Each drug along with desire therapeutic effects, may be caused some unwanted symptoms. Side effects of this drug are rare and usually mild. Some rare side effects of this drug include:
•    Blood disorders including thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, pancytopenia, neutropenia and agranulocytosis, skin rash or other allergic reactions, tissue necrosis of liver or kidney in the case of taking too much acetaminophen, pancreatitis.

In the case of taking over prescribed dose, stop treatment and take the patient to medical center immediately. Poisoning with this drug can lead to severe side effects in lever and kidney.
    Keep drug away from children reach.
    Keep drug away from light and moisture and below 30°C (preferred 15-30°C).
    Protect from freezing.
    Do not use expired drug.
Dosage Forms
•    Acetagel capsule 325, containing 325 mg acetaminophen
•    Acetagel capsule 500, containing 500 mg acetaminophen